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Retained Executive Search
Permanent HR Placement
Contract HR Placement

Retained Executive Search

Retained Search with Distinctive Talent is a contractual agreement to conduct an in-depth, comprehensive search which is usually national in scope.

We structure each assignment to meet specific client needs. Services include the following steps:

Gather information from designated members of the company senior management and HR team to determine what each key stakeholder sees as central to the HR role, including desired impact, type of person who could fit, and business priorities.

Develop Position Narrative which incorporates company input. Develop other support material as necessary, such as detailed Job Description, Job Scope Statement for Candidates, and/or internal Interview Guide.

Conduct Research and Candidate Development based on role, company and industry requirements. Provide status reports and plans to expand the candidate pool as required.

Present Final Candidates who have been thoroughly screened via formal interviews, informal conversations, and preliminary reference checks, accompanied by written Candidate Profile which outlines their skills and strengths.

Do Final Reference Checks, assist with Offer Negotiation, and help with logistical support if the candidate is relocating, as requested.

Handle all inquiries about the job on behalf of the company, in a way which treats people well and positively reflects on the process and the employer company.

Why Use Distinctive Talent for Retained Search
We stick to a rigorous process, and adhere to a timeframe for getting the desired outcome. Most important, we guarantee a pool of highly qualified candidates. We offer strong commitment to enduring positive results.

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Permanent HR Placement

Permanent HR Placement is conducted on a fee-for-placement basis. We refer candidates to the company, and a fee is due only if our candidate is hired by the company.

Permanent HR Placement fees are normally based on an agreed upon percentage of the hired person’s base salary. We will also work out special arrangements with clients to come up with contingency fee agreements to fit special circumstances.

In many instances, we agree to work on an exclusive basis – meaning that we take on the responsibility of being the exclusive provider of candidates.

Why Use Distinctive Talent for Permanent HR Placement
Distinctive Talent’s Permanent HR Placement Service has evolved over years of experience to be one of the most trusted and dependable ways to make a successful HR hire. Our clients know they have a consultant working with them who is paying close attention their hiring needs for the position, and who is putting in the legwork to find exceptional candidates.
In particular, we:

  • Begin with a solid understanding of the job criteria and requirements, including company culture, industry norms, HR environment and technical skills.

  • Know the backgrounds of the candidates we represent, and send only those who have the best skills and “fit” for the role.

  • Profile each referred candidate. We articulate the reasons for the referral. We also give a comparative assessment of the relative strengths among a total field.

  • Maintain close contact with candidates and company. We keep everyone up to date on of changes in status, scope, or process.

  • Continue to generate new recruits as long as necessary.

  • Bring a host of valuable knowledge, involvement, enthusiasm and expertise to the HR hiring process.

A Note to Candidates
Candidates who work with Distinctive Talent benefit from the care and attention we put into the matching process. We help candidates navigate through the many choices and decisions before them. We take the time to understand the scope of each candidate’s accomplishments and goals, as well as the career implication of various options.

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Contract HR Placement

When companies have an HR need that is immediate, requires a specific scope of work, or is designated for a specified time frame, Contract HR Placement through Distinctive Talent is the answer. We can quickly produce candidates who are qualified to handle a range of temporary assignments and who are ready to start work on short notice. We are set up to put the contractor on our payroll or, for a fee commensurate with the level of the role, allow the company to arrange the hourly rate directly with the contractor. We can provide good options for hire within a quick timeframe, and rapid turn around.

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